We are a dynamic strategic intelligence and political risk boutique consultancy

Our goal is to allow your business to thrive, even in the riskiest and murkiest environments. In our view, companies that take risks, invest and dare deserve to get results. We proudly provide tailored solutions based on a direct intelligence-gathering on the field.


  • In certain areas of the world and in certain business, political forces can count even more than market forces. We help you to gauge every situation and to forecast both local and national political changes that can put your business at risk.
  • We are able to spot when someone is using murky political connections. Our analysts and associates are professionals trained to spot every indicator and collect valuable intelligence on it.
  • We love to go in-depth of every special situations a client may face, but sometimes looking at the bigger picture can help in guiding business decisions. Sudden geopolitical changes in the global arena or national political upheavals can influence business operations in subtle ways. We will provide you with a cutting-edge geopolitical analysis from the analysts and associates of the political risk department. We will help you navigate the hurdles of sudden changes, mitigate their effects, find new opportunities and provide you with a scenario for the future.
  • The devil is in the detail, and our clients know it perfectly. That’s why, if their business or activities are subjected to precise legislation, they want to know perfectly when the rules change, and if they change in their favor or against their interests. Analysts and associates in the Political Risk department, thanks to their vast network, are constantly up-to-date on what is happening in the legislative floor and how it will impact your daily operations.
  • Bad publicity can effect performances of the most successful entrepreneur. Before tying up with a new partner, there is no better investment than to check in his/her reputation. Having business with someone who has committed a fraud or is under a sanction regime can endanger your image even more than an economic downturn.
  • IPO and M&A drive modern economy, through which companies expand and conquer new markets. However, you need to know with who you are dealing with. We go in-depth first with an open source investigation, and after our associates will gather all the most valuable information directly on the field. We will provide you with a bespoke product perfectly tailored for your needs.
  • We provide a clear-cut and tech-supported mapping of the most important stakeholders you will have to deal with. We find, analyze and map your competitors, the hidden actors that count in the game and influential political figures in the game. We provide for you a guide on how are the most important men and women in town.

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