Actionable intelligence for challenging times

Prelia is a young and bold strategic intelligence and political risk consultancy. Our goal is to allow your business to thrive, even in the riskiest and murkiest environments, because companies that take risks, invest and dare deserve to get results.

We provide customized solutions using not only advanced OSINT techniques but also on-the-field intelligence gathering. Our associates, which reside in the regions we cover, are the best and brightest experts and they provide a wealth amount of contacts and in-depth regional knowledge.

We work in the politically unstable European market, in the unpredictable Middle East and in the booming Indian and Southeast Asian market, a two-billion people industrial and social powerhouse, which is waiting to fill its untapped human and natural resources.

We will help you take advantage of opportunities with hard-to-reach insights that will allow you to make educated and bold decisions about your business, increasing your footprint in these regions.

Our clients span from brave tech disruptors to established industries, private businesses, national governments, NGOs and global organizations. Headquartered in Rome, our expertise stretches in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and India.