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We want to make this world a better place for you, one in which you dare to invest, to create new opportunities and preserve the progresses you have attained in the past.

We value our clients, and we constantly remind ourselves that we are working with the most entrepreneurial, brave and courageous clients a risk advisory can ever work with.

We strive to cut the noise and give you the best intelligence product.

We value our associates and analysts, as they are the core reason of our success.

We value diversity and inclusion, as there is no success without different points of view and walks of life.

Prelia’s core value is meritocracy. As we value achievements, our ideal candidates are bold, motivated, and open-minded young professionals with field experience, street smarts, outstanding research capabilities, courage, and will to strive for absolute excellence. We like people who are independent thinkers, that can bring new points of view to our team and feel a part of the mission to make business smoother and safer.

Being a young and vibrant company, we acknowledge how long time-wasting can be the application process. Thus, we believe that applicants deserve the utmost respect. Therefore, we ask only for a Resume, that has to be outstanding and precise. We oblige to be as up-front and quick as possible through the application process. Moreover, we will send a detailed factsheet, whether you are taken or not, so that you would be able to reflect on your performances. We will never send you a general email.

We encourage applicants to take the initiative and reach us directly via phone call, politely, regarding any question that may occur. If we are unable to reply, feel free to try again without fear: you deserve the attention.

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