Strategic Intelligence

Every new business agreement or market entry in each corner of the world contains various risks. Whether it is political, reputational, or regulatory, these risks can disrupt supposedly successful business agreements.

Before entering a new market, performing an IPO, an M&A, tying up with a new and unknown partner, you need:

  • A thorough background check
  • An understanding if the third part, the management, shareholders and suppliers are clean from corruption or fraud indictments, they have solid reputation, and they aren’t under sanctions
  • Understanding what is the state-of-the-art of their dealings with politics and politically exposed people.

We believe that sole OSINT is not enough, and business leaders deserve the best possible product to maximize the return of the investment.

Therefore, we present tailor-made strategic intelligence reports, not on-the-shelf products. Unlike other conventional desk-based research consultancies, we gather intelligence directly on the field.

In each region we work, we have a vast network of associates that can guide you through your business journey, providing valuable insights about risks posed by different social, economic and political environments. Our associates have regional expertise and massive access to policymakers, former senior politicians, business people, and regulators.

Intelligence gathering for businesses is a serious issue, and it can make a company thrive in challenging environments. However, there is nothing we cherish more than discretion. Our clients don’t want unwanted exposure, and we guarantee complete discretion.


Political Risk

Politics, differently from the rationality in the business field, is governed by irrationality. Both in the frontier and in more established markets, political decisions can have significant immediate implications on businesses in remote regions. We have the capabilities to follow every political development carefully in the areas we cover and pre-anticipate every risk involved.

Businessmen are used to think in a straightforward and cost-benefit way, while political institutions are errand, irrational and consensus-oriented.

While businesses are thinking globally, politics is local, driven by an entirely different set of rules. We can provide you with:

  • In-depth political due diligence
  • Regulatory impact analysis
  • Legislative monitoring
  • PEP assessments
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • Country risk intelligence reports

Our political risk analysts and associates have previously worked in governments, sat in national parliaments, local authorities and public administrations. This gives them an invaluable set of skills and wide access to information, all to guide your business through the hurdles and complexities of Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asian and Indian markets.

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