The Founder

Mirko Giordani

Founder and CEO of Prelia

Born in Italy, Mirko graduated from LUISS University in Rome with a BA in Political Science and an MA in National Security Studies from King’s College London.

Previously, Mirko has worked for an Israeli world-renowned risk advisory and business intelligence firm, providing clients with highly valuable intelligence and security briefings. In addition, he acted as a lobbyist for multinational energy corporations in Italy. Mirko is a very motivated professional with a proven track record of delivering customer-focused outcomes, both internationally and domestically. Additionally, Mirko acted as a consultant for top-notch risk advisories and investigations outfits in London. Through this, he gained an extensive set of skills in public affairs, counterintelligence and corporate risk.

As a highly accomplished security and risk professional, Mirko brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table, including an extensive network of influential figures across multitude of disciplines, whether in Europe, Middle East, Southeast Asia and India. Mirko has carried on successful full-scope due diligence profilings, pre-acquisition stakeholders mapping, reputational risk analysis, political exposures of individuals and companies mapping, and market/regulatory intelligence analysis.

Mirko is a prolific podcaster and foreign policy commentator, and he got invited several times to be a guest speaker for an Asian news broadcast.